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Get ForumEngine Responsive WordPress Theme. ForumEngine is best saling script. Forum Engine theme Add an option to enable expanding second level replies by default.

Simple Modern design:

Even without paying a designer to keep your site looks up-to-date,your community discussion board can achieve that timeless appearence all the time.

Optimized for discussion:

You can building a freedom wall where freedom is 100% with more interactive features for users your site gets that hook that makes them come and come back.

Easy administrative tasks:

You won’t spent much time for managing  your content, get it done right in the front end and only visit the back end occasionally to modify some initial settings.

All-Screen size support:

A hybrid approach with responsive design for bigger screen sizes from tablets to desktop computers and a dedicated mobile design for small screen sizes as smartphones.


forum-engine responsive-WordPress theme.

ForumEngine Responsive WordPress Theme Features:

  • (new) Ban users system.
  • (new) Email confirmation when registration.
  • (new) Support adding code snippets in editor.
  • (new) Add 3 more widgets to view statistics, hot threads and most active users in your site.
  • (new) Add an option to enable expanding second level replies by default..
  • (new) Add more sidebars and put static content block into widgets.
  • (new) Blogging feature, ability to use ForumEngine on existing blogs.
  • (new) Lock editing 5 minutes after posting the replies.
  • Retina ready design, beautifully optimized for large screens.
  • Optimized mobile design for small screen sizes, same user experience as in the desktop version.
  • Design tool included for easier theme customizing.
  • Ability to customize site style with adaptation color system.
  • Custom logo & custom mobile icon.
  • Follow your favorite topics and get updates whenever it has new replies.
  • Have a personal profile page for your users.
  • Choose colors for your categories.
  • Support 3 levels of categories.
  • Lock a topic from posting new replies.
  • Edit or delete posts right in the frontend.
  • User avatars are retrieved automatically from Gravatar and can be changed.
  • Support nested replies for a more systematic discussion.
  • Allow adding external images or uploading images from computers.
  • Quoting from other replies in your reply.
  • Optimized text spacing for easier reading.
  • Unread topics are easy to spot.
  • Header menu & footer menu.
  • Contact an author when needed.
  • Approve or reject new topics right in the frontend.
  • Quick overview with all the stats needed for administration.
  • Ability to promote members to moderators with content management permission.
  • Translation tool included right in the backend.
  • Customize all the email templates for your forum.
  • Option to add your Google Analytics code.
  • Settings to add your social pages.

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