Download ORB Powerful Admin Template Free

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Download ORB Powerful Admin Template Free

Get ORB Powerful Admin Template. ORB — fully responsive admin template powered by Boot Strap 3 Framework. ORB is packed with tons of accurately styled and predefined components, plugins and features that can be used in creation of admin dashboards, CRM and CMS panels. ORB has own premium and unique features, such as powerful ORB Widgets, Portlets Gallery, Proto typed Inbox, Form Validation and AJAX Processing, revised Bootstrap Modal and Popover classes and much more. ORB is also bundled with 6 predefined styles.

Download ORB Powerful Admin Template Free

ORB Powerful Admin Template.

Almost month of hard work, valid HTML, JSHint compatible JavaScript code, 40 beautiful pages, great collection of included plugins, plus exclusive and premium plugins overall value more than $45. ORB – is a great deal, really.

Generally, this template — is the original author’s vision of how the admin dashboard should look like. Nice combination of colors, unobtrusive transitions, responsive design, code culture and unique features — that is all our ORB. Please note that ORB made for professionals and require programming skills and deep (medium) knowledge in JS, CSS3, HTML and PHP. If you a novice in web-development ORB could be great starting point to code diggin and copy-paste style studying.

ORB Powerful Admin Template Features:

  • Thought-out interface – 3 mouse clicks rule.
  • Animation for Bootstrap Modal and Popovers.
  • Extended Bootstrap Progress Bars + (Horizontal bars with Percentage).
  • Chartjs Charts.
  • Easy pie Charts.
  • Flowcharts Graphs.
  • Morris Charts.
  • Spark lines Charts.
  • Forms Validation and Masking everywhere (including 3 ready PHP from processors)..
  • Custom Forms Grid with beautifully styled components.
  • Stars Rating System inclusion for forms.
  • Steps Form Wizard With Validation.
  • JQuery UI and ion Range Slider.
  • Toggle Full screen, Left Bar, Side Bar.
  • Drop down Horizontal Menu with stats and data.
  • Knob Inputs.
  • 4 Variations for Nestable lists.
  • Simple To Dos App.
  • Awesome Inbox App.
  • Powerful Widgets System.
  • localStorageCart.
  • X-Editable.
  • Tons of colors, margin and padding short codes.

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