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Detect Missing Pages Magento Extension
  • 1 year ago

Well you have a Magento site which is obviously your ecommerce / products site but the main problem you are facing or probably have noticed is that your pages are missing. You are getting out of search engine rankings. You are facing 404 error a lot. And when this problem arises everyone rushes to its solutions. Another thing is that if your site has more than 1000 pages then it becomes very difficult to detect missing pages as they are large in quantity.
A extension is available which will take your headache and will find you missing pages for your magento site. It is known as detect missing pages.

Key Features of Detect Missing Pages Magento Extension
Opportunity to see all missing URLS
Check which traffic sources direct to wrong URLs
Make sure affiliate give correct links to your site
Identify common mistypes
Ability to clear the list of Magento not found pages
Verify that all design images are in place
100% Open Source — Easy To Customize
Separated HTML/CSS/JS
W3C Validated Code

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