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Free Easy Tool Page Speed Checker

Free Easy Tool Page Speed Checker. The Load Time Speed Test Tool helps site proprietors and website admins get a complete investigation of their page burden time when they test site speed. Our site pace test will first permit you to figure out to what extent a page takes to load at different association speeds. The page rate test is likewise unbelievably helpful on the off chance that you have to see what segments of your page take the most limited and longest measures of time to load. At long last, you can likewise see a full breakdown of each part of your page by utilizing the site rate test. To run a page velocity test  just enter the URL you wish to test in the “Info URL” box above.

Free Easy Tool Page Speed Checker. Press the “Begin Test” catch to start the page burden pace test. Once the site rate test instrument breaks down the page, it will produce the page burden time results and different insights from the page velocity test right here.

Rather than just utilizing the site pace test for a solitary page, clients can likewise run a page burden velocity test of two pages. To test the page burden time of two pages one next to the other, press the “Look at Two Pages” tab above. Next, enter the site pages that you wish to analyze in the page burden pace test in the URL #1 and URL #2 boxes above. Press the “Begin Test” catch to start the examination page velocity test. Likewise with the single site page velocity test, the aftereffects of the numerous site page pace test will show up beneath. Free Easy Tool Page Speed Checker.

Methods for optimizing for page load time speed

Subsequent to running a site velocity test, there are numerous courses for a site proprietor to upgrade the issues revealed in their site’s page burden time rate test outcomes. When you run a site pace test, search for chances to decrease the quantity of HTTP solicitations, diminish the extent of downloaded questions in your pages (particularly pictures, JavaScripts and Cascading Style Sheets [CSS] documents), empower HTTP pressure, abstain from hitting sidetracks with inward connections, and a great deal more. Without a page rate test, it would be much harder to precisely distinguish which segments reason pages to back off.


The timer gives you the average loading time of your website. Enter the URL of your site, set the number of runs, and get the results in terms of Average, Median, and Standard Deviation after the runs are through. You can set the number of test runs. While running the website speed test, the app factors in all images, stylesheets, and Javascript. It runs in all popular browsers.Free Easy Tool Page Speed Checker.

Free Easy Tool Page Speed Checker

Free Easy Tool Page Speed Checker

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