Guide on How to install Magento theme on localhost

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Install Magento on localhost
  • 10 months ago

Magento is a dominating and rapidly amplifying E-commerce platform constructed on open-source mechanization. This actually provides electronically connected/online trades folks, merchants and marketers with a yielding shopping cart setup. It provides them with a dominion over visage, chronicle and execution of their relevant online frameworks/websites. Magento puts forward persuasive marketing, search engine optimization along with effective catalog management tools for the users.
Follow these easy steps in order to install Magento on local host:
1. Download the Magento community edition and wampserver from the links provided below.
2. Extract magento file in the wamp server www directory by Default in C drive.
3. Start Wamp server then create database and changes in php.ini file
Max_execution_time = 1600 and max_input_time = 1200, uncomment extension- php_curl.dll

4. After changes in php.ini restart wampserver

5. It will take a while in completing configuration

6. Create admin account and save the encryption key.(Relevant key to be inserted here)

7. Click on go to backend and login in dashboard

8. The set up gets ready to be used.

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