Similarities and Differences between Google Play Store and UrduFace

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Google Play Store and urduface
  • 2 years ago

Google Play Storeis the oldest android apps and games market. It is pre-installed in some devices whereas users are required to install it in other devices. A localized android games and apps market called UrduFace has recently been launched by top notch developers and designers. While Google Play Store is really old and has a large customer base, UrduFace is comparatively quite new and just starting up.

There are quite a few similarities between these two apps:

  • Android and iOS Support

While Google Play Store offers only android apps, UrduFacesupports android and iOS systems. A list of paid and free apps is available for download from both these markets. If you are an app or android game developer, you can publish your app / game on either of these markets and increase traffic and downloads. Developers and designers can also publish their games and apps to the website. While the former charges a nominal fee to publish your apps, UrduFace is free of cost for the developers.

  • Interface

The interface for both markets is quite simple and easy to use. A user just needs to access their desired game or app with a click. Clicking on these apps will let you preview the app, along with a screen shot and additional description about the app. You can download it into your smart phone and device and start playing.

Both markets have categorized their apps according to various segments and users can easily browse through for any app or game which they prefer. Some of the apps and games are free while others charge a small fee through in-app purchases.

Google Play offers a lot more categories than UrduFace. But UrduFace does offer top rated and popular apps as well.

  • Global Reach

Google Play Store and UrduFace both have a global reach. They are available for download worldwide. A customer living in any part of the world can use these apps and start downloading their favorite apps and games.

Let’s look at few differences between these digital markets:

Initial Start Up

Google Play of course requires you to set up with your email ID, while Urdu Face does not have any formalities. Simply download the software and start using it.

Android and iOS support

Google Play Store only focuses on android apps and games whereas UrduFace has a number of games and apps in both iOS and android support formats.

Localized Edge for UrduFace

Google Play Store is a giant as compared to UrduFace, but UrduFace has a local advantage because it offers hundreds of apps in the Urdu language for those users who find English language as a communication barrier. It also helps such users learn the English language by offering apps which help them translate Urdu words to the English language. It also offers Urdu news in an app as well as on a website.

Google Play Store is a leading market for digital content. On the other hand, UrduFace has just entered this market. But UrduFace is a local market which is its innovative edge as Google Play Store does not cater to local clientele.


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