The Best Free SEO Tools to use in 2016

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Free SEO Tools of 2016
  • 2 years ago

Best SEO Tools to Use

SEO Tools is something that every blogger, site owner, advertiser uses to promote and publish their posts accordingly and perfectly. There is a large range of tools which are present in market but are premium / paid. However there are some awesome tools as well which are free and can be used efficiently. Let’s check out some of the best free tools of SEO which you can use.

Google Keyword Planner

One of the most used tool is google’s keyword planner. This is free to use where you can get search volume and ideas of keywords.


You should now rely on a single keyword tool to dig out keywords. Wordstream is an amazing tool. It gives you thousands of keyword ideas.

Keyword Eye Basic 

This tool is used for brainstorming. It shows you ideas visually which can help you with keyword ideas and selection.


This tool us used to check plagiarism. You just have to enter URL and it will bring results to show unique and copied content.

Google Snippet Preview

This free tool can be used to see your data appearance to advertisers and searchers.

XML Sitemap Generator

Create sitemap of your site completely free using this tool

QuickSprout Website Analyzer

Check your website’s performance/stats with this tool. It will do a deep analysis of your website and show you result.

Broken Link Checker

This tool finds broken links of websites.


One of the most tool for backlinks checker is this tool. It has a massive index and is updated regularly which makes the best Link Analysis Tool.

Google Analytics

The most Popular analytics tool

Google Webmasters

Check your website’s status , crawling status, indexing status with this tool

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